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What makes a quality fly fishing outfitter? The answer is fairly simple . . . an outfitter who makes the process of picking and reserving a date easy and then assists you with the arrangements and ensures no details are missed. Going hand-in-hand with this are the guides and the service they provide to make YOUR trip a memorable one. Heise Expeditions has a reputation for having a superb line-up of talented guides who work at ensuring your trip on the Snake River is one you will not soon forget.

Most of our clients return year after year as they know they are on the river with guides that are second to none. There are other outfitters but only one Heise Expeditions. Call James Osmond to schedule your next float on the legendary Snake River. Plentiful options exist . . . from 1/2 day trips, to one, two or even three day or longer floats. Treat yourself and others to a float down the Snake with Heise Expeditions. Call now to reserve your next trip. The details of the various trips- the "Upper," the "Canyon,"and the "Lower" can be found on the map of the South Fork of the Snake River with floats.
       Call James today to book your selected guide and trip . . . (208) 538-7453       Cell (208) 390-5057
Heise's Professional Guide Staff
James Osmond, Manager, Heise Expeditions
AJ Rasmussen, Head Guide, Heise Expeditions
Mike Rheam Rick Westerberg
Joe Linsman Alan Walker
Marc Titre
Patty Reilly Joe Velasquez
James Osmond . . .
Manager, Heise Expeditions (208) 538-7453
James was born and raised just down the road in Ririe and has been guiding for 18 years. His hobbies are fly fishing, fly tying (tying that perfect fly that will catch the big one), geocaching (a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity- there are about 100 countries participating in the game), hunting and mountain biking.

When you arrange a trip with Heise Expeditions it is likely James or AJ (see AJ's bio below) will be the one making the arrangements. He still makes a few personal trips a week in search of that lunker Brown (what he calls a real "toilet flusher" . . . the sound they make is a great imitation). However he has cut back on his fishing with a personal goal of improving and enhancing the Heise Expeditions fishing experience. In 2013 a fly shop is being added and James will be working to make the shop a full-service fly shop over time.

AJ Rasmussen
Head Guide, Heise Expeditions


AJ was recently selected as the Head Guide for Heise Expeditions based on his fishing knowledge and skills along with superb people and communications skills. He caters to the beginner, intermediate and expert angler and will likely be one of your points of contact when scheduling a trip to catch some of the big ones on the Snake.

AJ was born and raised in Idaho Falls ID and although he has traveled extensively, he has always remained true to his local roots. He has fished the Snake River and surrounding area for over 15 years and loves to get his clients onto fish. Here is an excerpt of an email sent by one of his past
clients . . .

AJ Rasmussen (was our guide) and we had a terrific day and AJ was an absolutely superb instructor and guide. I cannot speak highly enough of his knowledge and abilities with a boat and rod. I know he was pursuing an education and I am sure has gone on to bigger and better things. I was hoping to manage some fly fishing while I was in Idaho. My wife actually brought up the subject (of AJ) and I wondering if AJ is still guiding and do you know how to contact him?
Return customers are the norm for AJ. From 2004 to 2007, AJ worked as the fishing manager at Sportsman's Warehouse in Idaho Falls. In this role he also held fly fishing seminars and steelhead clinics. AJ attends Boise State University (Go Broncos) pursuing a degree in Biology. His intention is to graduate in 2014. His hobbies include fly fishing in the summer, elk hunting in the fall, and chasing steelhead in the spring. AJ also has a spot on a local outdoor show hosted by Jared Scott Outdoors.
Tressa Allen

A third generation fly fishing guide, Tressa Allen grew up in the outfitting business that her grandfather started in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From a very early age she has always had a fly rod and oars in her hands. An avid angler Tressa knows the waters of this region intimately. Her passion for fishing and the outdoors has taken her to rivers and streams around the globe.

Brennan Bradley

Brennan’s grandpa is the one to blame for his obsession of fly fishing, where he started him off when he was just a child.  Brennan is married to a very patient and understanding woman, that allows him to take up the whole kitchen table to tie flies, and let him get out and test them on the South Fork. He recently just had a son and hopes that one day they will share this love together.

Brennan was hatched in the great state of Idaho, and lives down the road in Ririe.   With fly fishing in his blood, Brennan has always got fishing, and how to tie a nastier, and better looking fly on his mind.  With his love for the river and passion for targeting any fish whether it be the beautiful cutthroat, big sassy brown, fiesty rainbow, or the not so sought after carp, he makes any fishing trip one to remember.

Dean Burton

He started fly fishing in 1988; fishing the Wind River Range. His first fish on a fly was a California Golden Trout and he has been hooked ever since. He began guiding in Jackson Hole in 1995 and then in Key West in 1999. 

Dean loves to fish and guide and while easy-going, he is also hard working and is always working to get his clients on fish. He guides from March to June in Key West and in the Jackson Hole/Snake River from July through October. He has been a guide in the One-Fly Contest and assisted ESPN on The Great Sportsman in 2002.

Sharon Buzzell

The great sport of fly fishing is what brought Sharon to Idaho 11 years ago from Colorado. Sharon is actively involved in women's programs of instruction with the Fly Fishing Federation's Conclave, Eastern Idaho's Fly-Fishing Expo, Fly Fishing Expo for the Western Colorado Trout Unlimited Club (Grand Valley Anglers) and guiding in the Jackson Hole One-Fly Contest the past four years. Sharon has been a licensed professional guide on the South Fork of the Snake River and surrounding rivers for eight years. Winter takes Sharon to Teton Village in Jackson Hole where she instructs skiing.

When she is not guiding (fishing) or instructing (skiing) she is co-owner and operator of Elevate Salon in Driggs, ID.

Andrew Byron

Born in Western Wyoming, Andrew has been fishing the South Fork since he could walk. He started guiding during the summer after high school and continued through college and doesn't see an end in sight. Andrew enjoys every second he is on the water whether he is guiding, kayaking, drifting, or chasing ducks in the fall. In the winter he coaches skiing and spends most of his time on the slopes.

The spring is set aside to explore fishing around the West and beyond with his chocolate lab Hoback. On days off you can find him on the same waters he guides; chasing trout and loving every second of it.

Joe Linsman

Joe has been fly fishing since 1969. He was raised in Pennsylvania, on the banks of the Bushkill Creek, a tributary of the Delaware River. After fishing the Catskills, Pocono's and central Pennsylvania spring creeks, he was hooked, quite literally.

Joe moved to Utah in the fall of 1995 to pursue his other passion, teaching skiing. He learned to tie flies and has been tying Western style flies for 18 years but never forgot his roots; Wet flies and Soft Hackles. Joe loves to teach and show people the magic of sub-surface flies and the effect they have on all trout, large and small.

During the winter months Joe can be found teaching at the local mountain and sitting at the tying bench filling his fly boxes for next season which for him, never ends.

Joe lives just down the street near Twin Bridges in Rigby, ID.

Jordan Nelson

Jordan was born in Iowa City, but moved west to Bountiful Utah at the age of 3. He says he can remember catching his first trout on a fly rod at the age of 6. At the time he was fishing McCoy creek; the fish took a hopper, and from that point on he was hooked. Jordan moved to Idaho Falls when he was ten, and floated/ fished the South Fork for the first time. He immediately realized what he had been missing out on. From that point forward Jordan has been fishing the area 100+ days a year, and doesn't plan on this changing anytime soon. When he is not fishing he attends the University of Utah, traveling to compete in snowboarding, or tying flies.

Patty Reilly

Patty Reilly began her guiding career in 1979 on her home waters of the Snake River from Jackson Hole, WY. Her profession has taken her to different fishing rivers including seasons guiding  steelhead on the North Umpqua, Grand Ronde and John Day Rivers in Oregon, with guide time in Alaska, and Montana. Each winter she guided on the Southern Hemisphere waters of Patagonia in Argentina. One of her specialties is teaching fishing schools. Her favorite river in the Rockies is the South Fork of the Snake and she has worked as a licensed guide for Heise Expeditions trips for many years.

When not on the water you can find Patty planning fishing trips for anglers through her company Guided Connections which customizes trips to Patagonia,  the Rockies, and beyond!  www.guidedconnections.com

Mike Rheam

Mike is a 20-year resident of Jackson Hole. In 1989 he began his personal relationship with the Snake River, guiding white water rafts down the Canyon. His focus now is the elusive trout; fly fishing for the famous native Cuthroat and other species.

He is an active board member of the Snake River Fund; dedicated to the preservation of the Snake River for future generations.


Scott Smith

Scott grew up kick'n around the rivers and creeks of North Georgia and Alabama pursuing bass and trout well into his college years. After gaining his B.S. from Jacksonville State University (Alabama) in Biology/Ecology he landed a fisheries job in Alaska for nearly 3 years, solidifying his interest in coldwater fisheries and especially trout.

Scott has made his home in Jackson Hole for 12 years now with his wife, Dana and their two daughters, Sydney & Maya. They feel lucky to live on the rivers of this region and takes special pride in showing them to our valued fishing clients.

Marc Titre

Marc Titre, a year-round resident of Jackson Hole who owns Door 2 Door Ski Rentals in the winter and Wandering Angler in the summer. Marc has been a river guide for 10 years. Prior to moving to Wyoming, where he is coming up on his fourth season navigating the area’s rivers, Marc worked in Oregon for two years and in Colorado for six. As a fly fishing guide for the Crescent H Ranch’s homeowner’s association, Marc works in conjunction with three local outfitters in order to provide guests with an ample choice of angling hotspots. He thoroughly enjoys working the spectrum of experience, teaching beginners and experts alike in the ways of the river.

Wandering Angler; P.O. Box 807; Wilson, WY 83014; Phone: (307) 699-3986

Joe Velasquez

Joe is originally from Colorado. Growing up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, west of Denver, he started fly fishing over 30 years ago on Colorado's South Platte River. Joe moved to southeast Idaho in 1999 because as he puts it, "there is no better place for world class fly fishing and big game hunting".  Joe has been fishing the South Fork since arriving in Idaho and he has a very good knowledge of the river and its abundant life forms. In addition to being a fly fishing fanatic, Joe is an avid hunter of both big and small game, an amateur bird watcher, a published writer, and an artist. Additionally, he is a life-long motorcyclist, and spent several years as a rider coach, teaching beginners how to safely operate motorcycles.  Joe and his wife, Sue, live on a small farm in Rigby, Idaho, where they raise a variety of specialty produce including garlic and lavender. They also keep honey bees, which help to pollinate their crops and fruit trees while providing lots of delicious honey. Sue is a gourmet cook and baker, plus a master gardener. She will be preparing delicious lunches for anyone fortunate enough to book Joe for a day on the river.
Alan Walker

Alan grew up working summers on his Grandpa's farm in Eastern Idaho and fishing whenever work slowed down for a minute. He picked up flyfishing during family vacations to Warm River and the Henry's Fork as a teenager. He returned to the area for his first couple years of college, focusing as much on the fishing as the classwork.

After finishing school down the road in Logan, Utah, Alan began working as a Mechanical Engineer. With weekends now freed from homework and studying, he reconnected with flyfishing and began vagabonding around the western states on fishing road trips. Acquiring a drift boat allowed him to focus on learning big rivers like the South Fork. He has come to call the South Fork his home water and has enjoyed introducing friends and family to this special river.

Finding himself daydreaming about being on the river while at his desk during the week, he took the next natural step and enrolled in the Natural Retreats Guide School in order to further his skills and have an excuse to spend more time on the river. When not guiding, he's hitting his favorite fishin' holes or discovering new ones.

Rick Westerberg

Rick has been guiding on the Snake River for over 25 years; it also happens to be his favorite river. His hometown is Victor, Idaho. If he isn't fishing he is getting ready for the next season.


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