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        Experience the beauty, serenity and uniqueness of Idaho's "blue ribbon" trout fishing on the South Fork of the Snake River. Also offered are a famous hot springs, swimming, lodging, golfing, pizza parlor, zip-line and beautiful scenery; you will easily get hooked on what Heise Expeditions has to offer.    

The 2013 season has been a good fishing year. For those of you who have not experienced it, October can be a very productive month. It can be chilly in the early morning warming during the day. The river level drops and the fish are concentrated. It is the time when the really big Browns can be caught . . . call and book your trip . . . the fish are waiting.

Client Clain Jaques, fishing with guide James Osmond landed this nice fish- his first on a dry fly for the season to open it up with a bang. Also an opportunity for James to show off his new smart phone and the quality photos it takes.

MORE . . .

Jimmy Fraser from Jackson Hole, WY holds a 20" Brown trout he caught in the Upper Section of the South Fork of the Snake River, July 2012. A regular angler with Heise Guide James Osmond for almost 10 years (fishing at least twice a year) Jimmy says this trip was the most memorable one with about 30 fish per angler and most over 16". This fish also bested his Dad for the first time on one of their trips and that is reason enough to be both happy and proud. He told his Mom it was about time! They also had two doubles and a triple header (each with at least one Cutthroat, Rainbow and Brown) during the trip.

This is the ideal trip for a Father and Son; no cell phones, lots of camaraderie and a time to enjoy the Snake, the beautiful surroundings and spend time with one of Heise's highly qualified guides. Call James at (208) 538-7453 and book your trip today.


Encounter the thrill and the exciting challenge of fly fishing for Idaho's famous Cutthroat and large Brown trout on the majestic South Fork of the Snake River! One of North America's most productive rivers.

Typical catches will include the above as well as Rainbows and Cutbows (a hybrid- a cross between the Rainbow and the Cutthroat trouts).

The photo on the left is guide Joe Linsman with a large and healthy South Fork Cutbow


This is the kind of scenery that makes the South Fork of the Snake River famous. Scenes like this are both beautiful and breathtaking. The river is as picturesque as it is fishy. Estimates are thousands of fish per mile. Take this opportunity to book a trip now and enjoy the friendly staff, the accommodations and the opportunity to land and get photographed with that fish you previously only dreamed about.

The South Fork of the Snake is one of nature's treasures and is meant to be shared with those who appreciate tranquility, an opportunity to float one of the sections of the river (the Upper, the Canyon or the Lower) and up close and personal looks at the wildlife that roam the river's banks.

Heise Expeditions has a bevy of highly qualified and motivated guides who will do everything possible to ensure your trip is one that will be memorable. Call James today at (208) 538-7453 to book your trip and be sure to bring along a friend or family members. This is too special a time to not be shared with someone else.

Even the Heise staff gets to go out once in a while when things slow down a bit. Our very own Janean, who manages the RV Park is new to fishing for trout, with a nice fish.

Whether it is fishing, camping, swimming, enjoying the hot springs, golfing, a piece of superb pizza or a thrilling ride on the new zip line, there is something for everyone of all ages at Heise.

Many of our clients come back year after year to enjoy the climate, the scenery, employees who make you feel special and the beautiful South Fork of the Snake River.

Remember we are only about 35 minutes by car from the Idaho Falls Regional Airport with most major rental car readily available either on-site or nearby. Idaho Falls is a growing city with wonderful shopping, a picturesque view of the river and the falls as it drifts through the city.
Jim Brown trout
Heise's experienced guides will put you on the fish, ensure you are using the right techniques and flies and even provide casting tips when required. Then it is up to you and the rewards for a proper presentation and hook set are immense. Trophy trout are always a possibility with memories to match.

Why not book a trip now? Call James at
(208) 538-7453 or his cell phone at (208) 390-5057

Fly into Idaho Falls (about 35 minutes away) or Jackson Hole, WY (about an hour from where most fishing trips will begin at Spring Creek Boat Access)

Our professional guides are customer-oriented to provide everything necessary for an exciting and enjoyable trip with Heise Expeditions!
                           The HEISE ON-SITE FISHING OFFICE

The new headquarters for Heise Expeditions (Fishing) has been completed and is now operational. We are now running the guide operation from the new headquarters.

This new facility is co-located with the
Heise Zip Line office. It is at the western edge of the Heise property, on the right
side of Heise-Kelly Canyon Road (just before you get to the pool).

Check back here for the Grand Opening date which will be announced here!

More details to follow . . .

Veteran Heise Guide Quincy Liby holds a lunker 19" Brown trout that was caught by Tom Granims on the Upper Section of the South Fork of the Snake River, on August 1st, 2012. You both have good reasons to have those smiles on your faces. . . nice job Tom and Quincy!

There is a map with more details and pictures of this section of the river.

Landing an impressive native Cutthroat, Rainbow, or German brown requires skill, the right fly and a guide who knows the river to allow you the best opportunity to catch'em instead of just fishing for them.

Photo opportunities to capture the moment are just a click away. Be certain to tell your guide you would like photos taken.
The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and State of Idaho have ensured the Snake River has sufficient, well-maintained Boat Access sites on the South Fork of the Snake River. Many are equipped with clean, modern restroom facilities and adequate parking.

A map of the Snake River depicts the various trips available and the launch sites. Snake River Map

Snake Boat Ramp
The guides employ services that move their trailers and vehicles from the launch point to the egress site where the boat is taken out at the end of the trip. Everything is done to make this your best fly fishing trip ever. Give it a try! Do it once and you will return again and again! Many of our customers are repeats; some fishing more than one time a year. Our best advertising is word of mouth from satisfied customers.
For over 100 years, the family-owned Heise Resort and Heise Expeditions have set traditions of excellence which have kept customers returning.  Blending history with modern recreation, Heise Expeditions continues to provide that unique experience with nature that will keep you coming back.

Everyone needs to get away . . .
a Heise guided trip on the South Fork of the Snake River is the perfect way.

Tranquility, calm, breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife along the guided trip plus outstanding guides who not only know the river, most grew up on it.

If you are not on the South Fork of the Snake River you are not where you should be . . . call today and arrange a trip.

The lunker trout and a service-oriented staff await you!

For the fly fisherman so inclined, abundant opportunitites to wade or cast your fly from shore into a "fishy ripple" are available during the trip. Just let the guide know your desires and they will ensure you are provided with ample opportunities.
Hanging Out! These magestic sights are commonplace. The only way to truly appreciate them is in person.
As you meander down the river, you will sometimes have to stop fishing for a moment to just take it all in. You are more than likely to see an abundance of different wildlife to include moose, deer, beavers, otters, non-game song birds, Ducks, Canadian Geese, Pelicans, Blue Herons as well as Bald and Golden Eagles. There is no better place to truly appreciate the beauty of nature than on the South Fork of the Snake River.
The South Fork of the Snake is one of the West's premier dry fly cutthroat fisheries. The Snake is also home to some very nice (and big) brown, acrobatic rainbows and cutbows. The details of the various trips- the "Upper," the "Canyon," the "Overnighter" and the "Lower" can be found on the map of the South Fork of the Snake River.
1/2 DAY FLOAT (No lunch) . . . $ 425
Enjoy three days fishing on the South Fork of the Snake River, spending four nights at Heise's modern two-bedroom cabin, with kitchen, full bath and laundry.
TWO GUESTS - $ 1865
Enjoy two days fishing on the South Fork of the Snake River, spending your nights at Heise's modern two-bedroom cabin, with kitchen, full bath and laundry.
TWO GUESTS - $ 1285
NOTES:** Extra person on day trip add $ 100 per day
Booking in advance is highly recommended.  A 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Deposits refundable with 30-day written notification.
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